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Welcome to the home of Michael F. Rizzo, a history author located in Buffalo, NY. This site will provide information on all his projects, written and other.

His fifth and latest book “Gangsters and Organized Crime in Buffalo” was released in June 2012. You can check updates on Facebook as he works on his next book, soon to be announced.

“He delivers a book that is loaded”
“Very interesting read”
“Very interesting book with loads of details”
“I really like the author’s take on this book. Makes you really feel like you’re in the era.”


Lastly, most of Michael’s books are now available for the Kindle and Nook, at fantastic prices! If you are interested in reading “Korney“, you can download it for just 99 cents! Even if you don’t own an e-reader, you can download the app for your PC or smartphone.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome to Michael F. Rizzo dot com

  1. My Mother gave me a article the other night about her uncle “Sigmund “Ziggy” Plocharski”. My Grandmother, maiden name Esther Plocharski, never mentioned her brother to anyone in the family. He was pretty much considered a disgrace to the family and never spoken of. I was close to my Grandparents and they were the kindest and hardest working people I know. They always stressed to me that I was Polish and that meant that I was a hard-worker. Reading this article couldn’t surprise me more.
    I have ordered the book so that my family may be able to read about their uncle and grand uncle. From the article I also understood that “Ziggy” was the only member of the Korney Gang that was never apprehended by the police. He had many alias names but was never caught.
    Can’t wait to read the book!!

    • Wow! Ziggy was the elusive member of the gang. After disappearing he wasn’t heard from again until the 1960s when his wife called the police to say he was dead. Uneventful ending, but quite a surprise. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I just bought your book my sister told me about it and that she was reading it. She told me some of it and there are some things I disagree with, but I’ll hold my input until I have read it. I wrote you after finding your message on Ancestry.com, but I never heard from you. Ziggy was my Uncle and I went to his funeral in 1964, he was never caught and ran his whole life. The FBI were at the funeral too. I’ll write more after reading your book.

    • Hello Patricia,
      Thanks for writing. I do not recall posting on Ancestry.com and I would have responded since I was trying to find family members. The only info we could find was several newspaper articles a year after his death with the Buffalo police admitting he had died. They just found out after his wife contacted them, so I’d be interested to know how the FBI knew. If you have anything to help me fill in the blanks I’d love to see it.

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