What were they thinking?

So one day last summer we were at the Erie Canal in downtown Buffalo. We are walking on the bridge over Commercial Slip and I see some new historic metal signs on the bridge floor. Suddenly I see one with Elijah Efner ‘mayor of Buffalo’ and I flipped out. Efner was never a mayor and only nominated once.

I wrote to the state and complained, received an email a week later and subsequently spoke to someone. It’s almost a year later and that incorrect historic sign is still there.

What’s your opinion? Is it important?

20110501 123825 What were they thinking?

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2 thoughts on “What were they thinking?

  1. That really bothers me. Who did this crappy research? It makes me feel like everything else on their signage might be wrong. What did the State have to say about it when you talked to them?

    • I wonder the same thing myself. The guy I spoke to was new at the time and seemed interested in my concern, but that was last year and nothing has been done.

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