Michael F. Rizzo has released five books as of October 2012. His first book “Through The Mayors’ Eyes” was written in 1988, during the final years of Jimmy Griffin’s time as mayor of Buffalo, New York. It was written on a whim but did not see the light of day until the early 2000s when the entire text was put on a Buffalo history website.

In 2005 Rizzo decided to print a copy for himself and found that, with distribution, it could be sold in stores. With sales totaling just several hundred, his interest in writing began to increase.

His work was ported to Wikipedia by unknown persons, which would have been fine, except unscrupulous “publishers” began to emerge who gather information freely available on Wikipedia and publish books. These “publishers” have no addresses, contact information, and getting companies like Amazon or Barnes & Noble to remove this copyrighted material is nearly impossible.

Rizzo has continued writing, releasing a book every other year, until 2012 when he released “Gangsters and Organized Crime in Buffalo,” less than one year after releasing his fourth book, “Buffalo’s Legacy of Power and Might.”

With new book projects in the works, it is possible he will be releasing another in 2013 and one in 2014.

Rizzo’s style is generally straight forward with not a ton of flair. He prides himself on the research and details he provides in everything he writes.

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